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My School Day

More than just an agenda - Connect with students and parents



In addition to school-specific schedules, logos and colours, students can personalize both the functionality - through subscribing to topics of interest and other settings - and appearance by selecting their own colours for each class.


Communicate with students, parents and staff through school-wide or topic/class-specific notifications for time-sensitive information or pre-schedule them on a one-off or recurring basis to provide reminders of events and activities. Post longer form news bulletins and update calendar events as needed.

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Connects to many existing calendar systems and news feeds to integrate existing information sources, as well as providing an integrated social media feed and integrating existing web sites and services provide a central information source for the school community.

Secure & Private

Student-entered information is never sent to or stored on our servers, and we do not use, store or track location or other personally identifying information.



Today's students are both more tech savvy and connected than ever before, and more in need of accurate and timely information and tools to manage their school life.

Unlike a static print agenda, our My School Day app is a living, dynamic resource and information conduit for students that is always with them. With full support for rotating timetables and altered bell schedules for special event days, aggregation of information on school events, news posts, and updates through notifications, it provides the tools for students to be better informed and organized. 

The ability for each student to customize the notifications, news and calendar information they receive based on their own classes and interests lets them focus on the things relevant to them and helps avoid information overload and tuning out. Having an easy method to stay informed about classes, clubs, and activities they're interested in helps students to be more engaged in the school community.



Not just for students!

My School Day is also valuable as a communication and information tool for parents: They can follow the same channels as their students and receive the same up date news and calendar information, and the same push notifications. It also provides a great way to communicate weather related school closures or other urgent information without relying on maintaining email or phone lists. 

Teachers & Admin

Each school app has an accompanying web portal to be used by school administrators and teachers to send notifications, post news, and add/edit calendar events, as well as perform administrative functions such as adding users and changing app settings.


School Boards

A board-level app portal is also available which supports sending district-wide notifications, or to particular groups of schools, as well as incorporating district-wide news bulletins and calendar events. 

For more information on board level support and features, please contact your local Friesens representative.


Connect Your School

My School Day is provided in partnership with Friesens. To find out more about providing your school community with the most effective and student-focused school app available, contact your local Friesens representative or submit a sales inquiry.