My School Day
My School Day

School Admin

School administrators and other staff may have additional permissions granted to their accounts on the portal allowing them to:

  • Send school-wide push notifications
  • Post school-wide news bulletins
  • Add or edit school-wide calendar events
  • Add/Edit any channel
  • Add additional users or edit their permissions
  • Adjust app settings


As with channel-specific calendars, the school-wide events calendar can be linked to existing online calendars such as Google Calendar, typically the calendar that is shown on the school website.

User Administration & Access Controls

In addition to adding or deleting users and resetting their password, administrators have the ability to edit the access controls for an account, allowing them to control access to functions such as school-wide notifications, school-wide calendar events and adding altered schedules, and which channels an account has access to.

App Administration

Teachers and administrators whose accounts have permission are able configure certain properties of their school's app including contact information, links to related websites, and available channels.