My School Day
My School Day


Each school has their own web portal to be used by school administrators, teachers, and others that may be granted access for:

  • Sending push notifications
  • Sending news bulletins
  • Adjusting or entering calendar and event data
  • Each teacher will typically have their own account on the portal which allows them to send notifications, post news, and add/edit calendar events for their channels. They may also have permission to create additional channels on their own, or be given additional permissions.


Any number of channels can be created for various subjects, clubs, activities or specific classes (ie "English_10", "Grads", etc.). A channel could be as broad as "Grade 12's" or as narrow as a specific section of a course for a particular teacher. Each channel has its own notifications that are received only by subscribers, as well as calendar events such as tests, assignment due dates, etc and news posts that will appear in the app if you are subscribed.

Private Channels that require an access code to subscribe are also available for staff-only channels, or other channels that need to be restricted for any reason.

Push Notifications

Push notifications provide a fast, efficient way to get short, time-sensitive messages out the students and parents using the app. Notifications to a channel will only present an alert on subscriber's phones. Notifications can also include PDF, image and video attachments. Examples of notifications could include school closures due to weather, urgent alerts, or a reminder for a permission slip, with a copy of the slip as a pdf attachment.

News Bulletins

News bulletins allow for longer form content (i.e. daily/weekly newsletters), style/formatting, and multiple attachments, but do not pop up an alert on the phone. In addition to authoring news postings through the web portal, news post can be imported automatically from existing sources such as school websites and blogs with available RSS feeds. This allows teachers with existing sites to continue using those, while allowing students and parents to use My School Day as a single consolidated source for information.


In addition to adding and editing calendar events for a channel through the portal, it's calendar can be linked to existing online calendars such as Google Calendar. A common example would be a calendar of practices, games, and other related events maintained by a sports coach.